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Submitted on
September 15, 2012


10 (who?)

Judging and Winner bellow!!

:bulletblack: Listen to the music here:…
:bulletblack: Comment here if you're going to participate, and when you finish your design, post a link to it here in another comment.
:bulletblack: Any questions, send a note to :iconphbc: or :iconlittlegreenpeach:, and we'll help you.



:bulletpink: Also, I can offer an icon as a prize for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, wearing the designs.
               :bulletpink: 60 points for 1st place.
               :bulletpink: 25 points for 2nd place.
               :bulletpink: 15 points for 3rd place.
:bulletpink: The winner will be featured in 'The Winners Package', in the group :iconanothercontestgroup:.
:bulletpink: If you have any prize to offer, please comment here!



some nights by Dark911evilSome Nights by Fashionista122Some Nights by Mellorine91Some Nights - Designing Frenzy by by-MK:thumb324152814:Contest: Some Nights by RoseLunaSome Nights by AlyTheKittenBlue Angel by S-NASRSome Nights by AlirizaDesignSome Nights by Ketrin-KateSugar by PhieBiAlOffecYinside my heart (contest-some night) by BethzAbonitzSome Nights by LENGARTISTRYFashion Frenzy - 1 - Some Nights by TankithaSpring dress by Perfectt68Some Nights Spring Dress [CONTEST] by ShawneighContest entry: Some Nights by wondagirlSome Nights by Serenity12778Some Nights by BdellianSome Nights by KrishCreateSome Nights by WhiterisuDesigning Frenzy 01 by HJLynNight Spring by Jaeiyemm014



PHBC - I like the design, specially that lace pattern, such a great detail. Not a big fan about the big ribbon and the color. 12/20
manu666tb - Too simple for a couture design. Bow sash is a bit dated. Top part could be flattering if properly constructed. Needs work on the figure drawing and styling. 14/20

PHBC - I love the gold with the theme, but not much the white. For a white dress, I think it could have a little more detail in the upper part. 10/20
manu666tb -  Seems like a really simple wedding dress. Underdesigned, weird pattern that I can't figure out. No design in the silhouette, no detailing. Drawing and rendering needs work too. 01/20

PHBC - I think this is one of my favorite looks of the contest. It's fun, I can totally see the relation to the song, and it's fresh. A girl could rock some nights with this! 19/20
manu666tb -  Good color palette, good silhouette, good illustration, good drama. A bit dated; couture should be new and original. 14/20

PHBC - I like that I can feel some drama from this dress, great for a couture dress. The colors are great, and the upper part is really good. Not too sure about the gray stripes around it though. 16/20
manu666tb - Good color palette, tough a bit muted. Good silhouette and detailing. Not enough drama and technical skills for a couture piece, but would work as evening wear. Good illustration on the clothing side, needs more work on the figuredrawing. 15/20

PHBC - I just love hotpants, I wish those had a little more detail, maybe subtle, cause it's too plain. The top and trail are great! 10/20
manu666tb - Good overall look. Keeps the focus on the dramatic top. Would be a great garment, with proper construction. Color palette is pleasant, tough a bit muted, could use a bit more pop. Good styling, good drawing, needs a bit more work with the rendering. 19/20

PHBC - I would love the jacket, if it wasn't for the flag, if it were just the red stripes it'd be good enough. Not sure if I like the pattern in the skirt, or the lenght of it. 10/20
manu666tb - Needs heavy editing. The design is too busy in detailing and colors. Styling is too literal. 03/20

PHBC - The shape of the dress is really great, and the fact that it has some sheerness is even better. The scarf is such a good detail cause I think it actually makes the dress look freshier. 18/20
manu666tb - Good silhouette, drawing, rendering, but too simple, underdesigned, not dramatic enough. Point up for thinking about the fabrics. 08/20

PHBC - This is a good dress, but it's kinda simple. I like the drapes, the cut and the shape, but the color is not my favorite, something darker with a little details would have been amazing! 11/20
manu666tb - Underdesigned, too simple, not dramatic enough for a couture piece. Has no center focus; one color and no pattern makes it too simple. 02/20

PHBC - This is so edgy, so detailed, I really like it. The black with the pink on the other side is a great choice, and the heels are perfect! 19/20
manu666tb - Dramatic enough, over designed. There is no focus point, the design is over detailed from top to bottom. Need editing, but has potential.Good rendering. 13/20

PHBC - This is a good look, but not couture enough. It's kinda too secretary, and the words in the top part makes it very literal for the theme. I really like the color choices though. 08/20
manu666tb - Underdesigned, not couture. Dated silhouette and color palette. 04/20

PHBC - The fabric in this is just perfect! Detail, colors, really nice work! The lenght is good, and it's dramatic, which is also good. I just wanted to see some strings in the upper part to make it perfect. 18/20
manu666tb - Good design, though, too much focus on the fabric, but could work well if the fabric is couture enough. Good silhouette, tricky top, but that's for the couturier to figure out. 17/20

PHBC - The top is just spot on, love the color, the detail. The pants though are way too simple, like cheap. I wish you had worked on the pants like you did on the top to make it a couture look, not just a couture top. 09/20
manu666tb - Good design and color palette. Keeps the focus on the top. Dramatic enough. Styling works well. Good illustration and rendering, good presentation. 20/20

PHBC - This is another look that I love almost everything. The colors are great together, and it's a really creative look. I just wish you hadn't make those stars and moons in the pants. 17/20
manu666tb - Good illustration, good silhouette, has enough drama for a couture piece. Would give it highest rating if it wasn't for the star and moon detailing. I would keep the focus on the dramatic collar. 18/20

PHBC - First thing, the colors are amazing, seriously. Also, I really like the drapped pants, and the top is really detailed, but I don't see much of couture on the look. 15/20
manu666tb - Good design and pattern, flattering silhouette, good color palette, good rendering and illustration, but it's ready-to-wear, not couture. 19/20

PHBC - There are a lot of details in this dress, details are good, but be careful to not make it too much. I don't see any relation to the song in this dress. 05/20
manu666tb - Overdesigned, too literal. Good basic silhouette, though a bit dated. Accessories are too much for an already overdesigned look. 11/20

PHBC - This dress is very different, but I'm not a big fan of it. The upper part makes it look like a cheap superhero, and the bottom part kinda reminds me of a maid. Try to use your creativity and references to make it an expensive looking piece! 06/20
manu666tb - The design of the top doesn't fit in with the bottom. Lacks creativity; color palette is too Barbie for what seems like a sexy design. Not very couture, rather ready-to-wear. Needs work on the figure drawing. It has no styiling. 05/20

PHBC - The dress instantly reminded me of ancient Greece. I like the color and the fact that it's short in the front, and long in the back. A very well constructed piece. 16/20
manu666tb - Way underdesigned, not dramatic enough for a couture piece. Good color palette. Figure drawing needs more work on the proportions. 09/20

PHBC - This dress is amazing. Very fresh, the colors are just great and the details in it are also good. But it's very casual, not close enough to couture. 13/20
manu666tb - Great looking design, but not really couture, rather ready-to-wear. Good color palette and pattern, good silhouette; they all work together. 18/20

PHBC - This is very elegant, chic and screams couture. The red details are really well done, and the part from the knee down is amazing! Another one that's one of my favorites. 20/20
manu666tb - Good, original design, could use more drama. Ruffle detailing is a bit dated and overdone. 17/20

PHBC - I don't like very much the blue and the salmon together. I like that it has different lenghts and the shoulders, but the colors are not my taste. 09/20
manu666tb - Too simple for a couture design, underdesigned, good shoulder detailing but the rest dissapoints. 10/20

PHBC - This look is so elegant, well worked and creative. I love every piece, I just wish you had used a color a little different. 19/20
manu666tb - Original design, underdesigned for a couture piece. Good color, seems sexy and comfortable; good styling. 15/20

PHBC - My fave part is the detail in the breast/arm, well done. I don't like the flowers around her though, a different detail could have given it a totally different view. 13/20
manu666tb - The design could use more drama for a couture piece. Flower application is a bit random and pretty useless. creative neckline, would like to see more in the rest of the look. Styiling doesn't fit. 16/20

PHBC - The different colors in it are just perfect. I love the drama in the dress, so couture and the ruffles. 17/20
manu666tb - I took out a point, because I don't really understand how the bottom would be constructed. Otherwise, the color palette is beautiful, a good silhouette, enough drama, but doesn't go over the top. The figure drawing needs some work, but has good potential. Styling works but could be more daring. 19/20



Some Nights by Bdellian

Night Spring by Jaeiyemm014

inside my heart (contest-some night) by BethzAbonitzSome Nights by LENGARTISTRY




Thank you so much for everyone who sent an entry to my first contest here ever! I'm really glad it got a lot of more entries than I thought. Thanks for the judges, and people who helped me (manu666tb, LittleGreenPeach). I hope people really liked this, and I'll be sending the points to the winners, and the winner entries to AnotherContestGroup.

I'm sorry that we didn't have much judges this time, but I think I'll make it less time consuming in the next contest, so more people agree to judge. I'll ask the judges to rank the entries from 1st to last in their opinions, and the 1st person will get one point, the 2nd 2 points and so on until the last. At the end when I get the rankings from all judges, the design with last points will win! Thoughts?

Will be uploading the next contest today. Also, please comment here what you think of this first contest!
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PHBC Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I'm the one who should be saying thanks, cause it was my first contest, it had a lot more entries than I was expecting, and I was really appreciated for each one of the entries!!
Hope you all can join in the contest #02! :p
Bdellian Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow!1st place :D,thank you so much #FashionDesignGroup for the opportunity and appreciation,i'm honored to competed along with other amazing designers,and congratulation for all the winner :),i may not be a professional but this contest is definitely a stepping stone for me to achieve my dream to be a great fashion designer,thank you :)
Bdellian Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow!1st place!!thank you so much #FashionDesignGroup for this opportunity and appreciation,i'm really honored to competed with all other great mind of designers,congratulations for all the winners :D
BethzAbonitz Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Student Interface Designer
oh my!!! i got 3rd place! (tears of joy) i really love this kind of contest especially how you judge the drawing, by the way thank you so much! my mom is very happy about this^^
Tankitha Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Student Artist
The colon after usernames and no feedback means......
PHBC Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
What do you mean?
Tankitha Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Student Artist
Like after my name in the contest results. There's simply a colon, but no feedback. The reason?
PHBC Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
the feedbacks are just below your name...
Tankitha Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Student Artist
Sorry. That was me misunderstanding.
PHBC Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Don't worry! ;)
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